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The Financing
You Need

for the Growth
You Have in Mind

Your Dedicated Partner
in Starting a Hotel or Motel Business


Loan Amount $2,000,000 minimum; no maximum

Loan Term 5, 7 or 10 years

Amortization Up to 30 years

Minimum DSC 1.25

Maximum LTV 75%

Fixed Rate Yes

Adjustable Rate Yes

Eligible Property Anchored and unanchored shopping centers, urban/suburban office buildings, multi-tenant industrial, self storage, multi-family, manufactured housing communities, credit single tenant and franchised hotels.

Eligible Borrower Single asset entity

Tax and Insurance Escrows Monthly deposits required

Replacement Reserves Per industry standards for property types

Recourse- Non-recourse

P re p a y m e n t Treasury defeasance or yield maintenance

Assumability Lender’s consent, and payment of 1% transfer fee

Supplemental Loans Eligible for secondary financing

Rate Lock Interest rate will be locked at closing

Expense Deposit $20,000 - $50,000 depending on loan size

Origination Fee 0 – 1% depending on loan size

Processing Fee None

Required Reports Expense Deposit will be utilized to obtain an appraisal, property condition assessment and an environmental site assessment. In addition, the Expense Deposit will be utilized for Lender’s legal charges.